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QlinicalRx helps pharmacists and their teams to deliver timely and thorough care to their patients. We provide numerous tools to help you provide patient care and ensure there is thorough and comprehensive records for the services you provide.
Version Updates
Version 1.2 (Beta)
We are testing out new upgrades to allow for the creation of more forms and fax sheets. Pages will be more responsive on a variety of screen sizes and fax forms will scale with the amount of content you want to include. Finally, these updates will allow for the creation of full care plan forms, which will be rolling out after testing is complete.
News and Updates
November 14, 2017
A new care plan has been developed for the new Alberta opioid guidelines. A public version is located at qlinicalrx.com/opioids/ and a subscriber version can be found in the care plan menu (qlinicalrx.com/pages/CarePlan/Opioids/).

November 13, 2017
An issue impacting PDF generation in the Diabetes Care Plan has been resolved - please clear your browser cache if you are still experiencing any issues with the care plan.

October 4, 2016
The server transition is now complete. You should be able to access all the functionality of the website at the new address: https://www.qlinicalrx.com