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QlinicalRx Pamphlets

QlinicalRx pamphlets are designed by pharmacists for pharmacists. We provide a wide array of pamphlets to address whatever healthcare need your patients may have.

Our Pamphlets


Diabetes Pamphlets
  • A1C Check-Up
  • Blood Pressure Check-Up
  • Cholesterol Check-Up
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Injection Technique
  • Preventative Care: Exams
  • Preventative Care: Labs


Diabetes Pamphlets
  • Diet Assessment & Plan
  • Exercise Assessment & Plan
  • Label Reading
  • Salt Reduction
  • Smoking Cessation - Initial Assessment
  • Smoking Cessation - Follow-up Assessment

Mental Health

Diabetes Pamphlets
  • Healthy Mind Check-Up
  • Depression Assessment Test
  • Sleep Hygiene

Respiratory Conditions

Diabetes Pamphlets
  • Adult Asthma Control Test
  • Adult Asthma Action Plan
  • Child Asthma Control Test
  • Child Asthma Action Plan
  • COPD Assessment Test
  • COPD Action Plan
  • Inhaler Device Technique

Vascular Conditions

Diabetes Pamphlets
  • Blood Pressure Check-Up
  • Cholesterol Check-Up
  • Kidney Function Check-Up
  • Potassium Check-Up

The QlinicalRx Solution

Pamphlet Example
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